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‘A memory is its own thing each time it’s recalled. It’s not absolute. Stories based on actual events often share more with fiction than fact. Both fictions and memories are recalled and retold. They’re both forms of stories. Stories are the way we learn. Stories are how we understand each other. But reality happens only once.’ - Ian Reid, I’m Thinking of Ending Things


Lace (2020), an immersive film that explores the fragmented narrative of memory and nostalgia. Distorted visual entities exist in simulated space, responding to a stream of consciousness, projected by a suffocating monologue. Each square constitutes to a singular thought lost in a void of time, a physical being that is part of a constructed story. Taking us to a place of recollection, by a voice we can’t escape.

Selection at The Bomb Factory Artist Film Festival 2021

LACE 2020

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