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A 5-day multi-sensory installation, showcased as part of  ‘THE WILL TO FORM’ exhibition at the Copeland Gallery, London.

In collaboration with fashion Reuben Selby, and as part of London Fashion Week February 2022.

‘We are out of our heads. We are in the world and of it. We are patterns of active engagement with fluid boundaries and changing components. We are distributed.’ 

(Alva Noë, Out of our heads, 2010) 

When written down, drawn, painted, a memory morphs into a physical entity, it transitions from the realm of uncertainty into what we call reality; a material object. Applying a form of physical language to what one might define as sense or consciousness. 

Isle Of Mind explores the notion of the immaterial mind touching, experiencing, and engaging the world around it. 

Our experience of art does not only exist within our heads but within the space around us, within a network of consciousness, constantly colliding and interchanging with the aleatory of time and space. 

The memory of the physical art is generated by the mind ‘clothing’ it as it is observed. Making it obtainable through the material senses of the body. 

The studio is a place of creation, a place where the mind is translated into physical entities. Isle of Mind is an immersive installation, deconstructing the notion of the studio and presenting it as a desolate landscape of the mind. Where the work is experienced rather than just viewed. 

Playing on the idea of creation, the installation is comprised of 7 charcoal and mud drawings. Representing Shevirat Ha-Kelim (the breaking of the vessels), a catastrophic phenomenon that occurred in the Kabbalistic story of creation. The floor is filled with a layer of mud with a singular stool placed in front of the drawings, along with a headset playing a soundscape created from the sounds of constructing the drawings. Visitors are invited to sit on the stool and listen to the soundscape as they become immersed in the work, becoming part of the artwork as they experience the space, and form their own memory of it. 



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