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Despite the transience of only living a few weeks or months, the body of a moth undergoes radical physiological changes in its relatively short lifetime. In its fully matured form, the moth sprouts a pair of hardened protein wings and ultraviolet-sensitive eyes that enable it to travel by moonlight in a process called transverse orientation. Now, in a world teeming with 24 hour artificial lighting, the moth must contend with a fatal attraction towards a billion glittering moons.

This short film explores the indwelling navigational systems of insects that travel in response to the position of the moon. Using this phenomenon as a metaphor, the film explores the ways in which embodied knowledge such as instinct and desire are thrown off course whilst living in a world of super-stimulation.

A film by Dian Joy

Commissioned by Tour De Moon Festival 2022

Director of Photography - Adam Muscat

Movement Director - Jenna Anne Nathan

Sound Design - Cajm
Styling - Nathaniel Mackie

BTS Photography - Nylo Beeharry Mian
Music By - Azadi.mp3, Amirah De Bourg, and Joviale

In order of appearance

Nepheli Papadaki - Narrator

Moyu Yang - Moth
John Costi - Handler
Akito Y Kawahara - (as himself)

Jenna Anne Nathan - Moth

Kasper Swierczynski - Moth

Juliette Motamed - Moth

Alexandre Tarek - Moth

Erick Ochieng - (as himself)

Grigorius Mingas - (as himself)

Gareth C Jones - Welder

Bunny - Moth

Quote from Ordinary Affects - Kathleen Stuart

Film Trailer

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