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A multimedia installation with a duration of 13:05 minutes. It includes an audio reactive particle system, projection, soundscape, 114x130cm charcoal on paper drawing, and shards of broken glass.

The piece explores Shevirat Ha-Kelim (The breaking of the vessels), a catastrophic phenomenon occurred in the Kabbalistic story of creation, whilst also playing with the themes of memory and time.

‘In order to make space for creation, the omnipresent God (Hebrew Ain Sof, literally: “without end” or “infinite”) contracted. In the empty space that resulted, God sent a ray of light that was to initiate the actual act of creation. Ten vessels (Hebrew sefirot) symbolizing the harmony of the universe were to catch the ray. However, they were unable to contain the powerful current of light and the seven lower vessels shattered. Their shards united with sparks of divine light and fell into the abyss. The breaking of the vessels is interpreted as a symbol for a world in a state of disharmony, one in which evil has entered.’



Video Trailer 

Images of Installation

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